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CEO Letter

Dear Stakeholders, Partners and Nasco Team,


One statement unites everyone who works at Nasco: “We are as good as our word”.


We are as good as our word because we apply the highest professional ethics in everything we do, and we have earned a reputation for being an organization rooted in integrity. Ever since the group was established in the Middle East in 1961, this has been our motto and we will continue to uphold it in our 360-degree service approach.


Once a local company, we are now the only regional company with 14 operations in 9 countries namely, Lebanon, France, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar), Qatar, Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, and Iraq. Six decades after being founded, Nasco now employs around 1,000 professionals, 350 of whom operate under the direct broking pole alone.



We are not only service providers, we are consultants
This core belief is at the heart of everything we do, and it is no surprise that we have retained several of our clients for almost 40 years. As a regional leader delivering insurance solutions, we know we must continue to apply our tailor-made offerings and robust innovations to provide our clients with the most efficient and future-ready risk management solutions. We have earned the loyalty of our clients throughout the years, including periods of recession and financial crises, by maintaining a standard quality of services and making sure clients remain a top priority.



We invest in our people and talents
Our people are our most important asset, and as a family business first and foremost, we are fully committed to the ongoing development of our Nasco family. In 2017, Nasco Academy was launched to organize training programs across the Group. This initiative plays a great role in the professional development of our people by equipping them with the technical leadership and communication tools needed to provide excellent customer experience.

In addition to that, Nasco has worked with major academic institutions such as INSEAD, London Business School and Harvard to provide our employees with specific trainings and workshops. This has helped place Nasco on the map of best companies to work for as we continue to attract the best talent in the market from fresh graduates to professionals.



We are the workforce of the future
Geographic expansion also remains a key focus of our growth strategy with plans to enter new markets, such as South-East Asia and Africa. We are on a journey of transformation and we are committed to a consistent customer experience across all operations due to our regional expertise. As we expand our business, automation is a main goal to enhance our services with an innovative, agile and customer-centric approach

Last but not least, I want to thank our people all over the region for their continued commitment and dedication. I am confident that by working together, the Nasco way, we will continue to deliver value to our clients and our stakeholders in the future.



Jean-Pierre Assaf

Chief Executive Officer - Direct Broking

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